Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Album of the Week: Keluar by Keluar

Earlier this year I had discovered that one of my personal favorite coldwave bands Linea Aspera had broken up. Here is a sample of what their music sounded like. It was pretty kick ass IMHO.

Thankfully Alison Lewis moved on to a new project that proved to be just as wonderful as her former group called Keluar. Alison now goes under the name as Zoe Zanias in her new group with Sid Lamar. Earlier this summer I discovered that Keluar had released their first full length, self-titled album. It is a combination of their EPs Ennoea and Vitreum. I finally got around to start listening to the album this week and immediately found myself enjoying the album. As a fan of Linea Aspera, I was definitely not disappointed in the duo's self-titled album. If you like early Kirlian Camera or Zoe's former band, I would definitely recommend check out this album. The music is really well crafted. Take a listen to "Coralline" and "Ennoea", two of my personal favorite tracks on the album, a lot of the credit goes to Zoe Zanias. Her vocals on those songs is just stunning.  Zoe has become one of my new favorite singers.

As someone who is always on the look out for something different from what everyone else in the dark scene is listening to, Keluar's self-titled album satisfies my ears from start to finish so I decided to make this album my pick for Album of the Week on my blog. It may not be stompy music like Rotersand or Combichrist  but I personally find the music danceable.

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