Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ladykiller 2 tour: Sick of Sarah and Hunter Valentine at 7th Street Entry on 10.14.14

Last night I went to 7th Street Entry to see Sick of Sarah and Hunter Valentine. Both bands play really catchy pop-punk music. Yeah, this isn't the type of show I normally would attend but being a fan of Hunter Valentine (since I last saw them with Cyndi Lauper) I just had to go. I also always wanted to check out Sick of Sarah as a live act. Plus I am trying to make a point of covering shows on my blog outside of my comfort zone. In other words, a win-win situation here.

I would like to go on record that waiting outside whether for First Avenue or 7th St Entry is never boring. I am often hit up for money by panhandlers. Last night was really interesting, funny but annoying at the same time. Some guy I had seen earlier walking around the neighbor was having one of his "moments" (clearly he was mentally ill). Suddenly one of the chicks in front of the line decided to engage him in a conversation. It goes without saying waiting for the doors to open at 7th St Entry was anything but dull. I was so relieved when the doors opened. Anyhoo, I got a beverage and situated myself on one of the stools about 20-30 feet away from the stage. The show started about 9:15 with some local band I had no idea who they were. To be honest, their music was pretty forgettable too. Their set was about 20 minutes long. As I expected Hunter Valentine put in an excellent set. More energetic than when I saw them with Cyndi Lauper last year at Mill City Nights. Their music is super catchy. I loved how interactive the band was with the audience. It was really fun seeing Kiyomi crowd surf during the show. Their new band member Lisa Bianco is a great addition. She really impressed me with her abilities as a guitarist. I thought it was cute and funny when members of Sick of Sarah joined Hunter Valentine on stage at the end of their set, and Hunter Valentine would return the favor at the end of Sick of Sarah's set. As for Sick of Sarah, they put in a terrific live show. They definitely were anything but boring. They clearly are loved here in their hometown of Minneapolis. While the venue was from sold out, the band still draws a big crowd especially from the local LGBT community. If you haven't already seen the photos I have tweeted online last night and today, here they are in this little slide show.
goth_maven's Ladykiller tour album on Photobucket
To get an idea of both Hunter Valentine and Sick of Sarah's music, I have posted a video clip from each of them.

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