Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Album of the week: The Box Borealis by Moon and Pollution

I have to admit when local rag City Pages has its moments (despite the fact that the local publication posts some of the shittiest writing I have ever read by the biggest douchebags in the metro area) like when they post online an interview with a band that would appeal to my musical sensibilities when it comes to electronica music. This doesn't occur very often but when it does I do have to eat a healthy helping of crow. In this case I came across an interview on City Pages website featuring a new local band called Moon and Pollution. They are an electronic/pop duo featuring Molly Dean on vocals and Graham O'Brien as producer. You can read their interview here on City Pages' website.

After reading the article, I immediately went on to the band's bandcamp page and listened to their debut album The Box Borealis. It is a beautiful, well crafted album that shares the same vibe as fellow local artists/acts Tiny Deaths and Aby Wolf's work with its gentle, lush trip hop beats and Dean's haunting vocals. There was no doubt that The Box Borealis was going to be this week's pick for Album of the Week.  There is nothing about this album I did not love. It is very well produced and I get immense pleasure out of listening to each track on the album.

Not sure if I am going to make it to their record release party on Saturday since I am trying to get rid of a cold that has been plaguing me like forever and I really want to see some friends perform live at Ground Zero on Friday night. I have posted a link for tickets to their upcoming show.

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