Thursday, January 8, 2015

Album of the Week: Forever and Ever by Chandeen

Last week I finally got around to listening to the new Chandeen album Forever and Ever which was released late last year. I wished I had listened to it sooner so I could have included the album on my end of the year best of list but I cannot turn back time. Despite the fact that I am a little late on this album, I am making Forever and Ever my Album of the Week pick.

Forever and Ever is a stunning 11 song collection of electronica and pop music. Unlike most of the music I listen to on a regular basis, Forever and Ever is anything but dark and moody. The overall sound is light and airy with a heavy dose of dreamy-like quality thrown into the mix. I can't help but hear a bit of The Jesus and Mary Chain in the lush melodies in the beginning of the album. I have listened to this album three times today and probably will be for the rest of the night. It is a wonderful album that has me enchanted from start to finish. Excellent music to unwind to after a long day at the office. It says a lot about the quality of an album when I quickly buy a copy online after hearing the first 2-3 songs. I do hope people will give this album a listen. 

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