Saturday, January 24, 2015

My latest finds on Bandcamp

This past week I found some compelling music through Bandcamp (one of my favorite sources for finding new music). Of course I have to share what I heard with my blog readers.

I am really digging the sounds of Animal Bodies right now. Excellent band from Vancouver. I find their music very hypnotic to listen to.

Oscillating Faces is from Colorado. I had listened to a couple of their songs on bandcamp and totally dug what I had heard. The music is a mix of industrial, ambient, and noise. From what I have read on their Facebook page, they are currently working on their first album.

Vajra is a band from NY that blends hard rock with Middle Eastern Indian themes.

Antilav is an excellent electro act from Russia. Their "In My Dreams Around the World" EP is my favorite find from Bandcamp. The song is addictive. It has really great hooks.

If you are looking for some interesting new music, check out the music that I just posted here. 

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