Sunday, January 11, 2015

Girl Germs Live Tribute to Women in Music

Last night I went to the Turf Club in Saint Paul to attend the second annual Girl Germs Live Tribute to Women in Music. The show was a group of local bands playing cover songs by well known women in music. Last night's line up featured Yoni Yum (Marianne Faithful), K.Raydio(Erykah Badu), Kitten Forever(Beyonce), Alpha Consumer with Debbie Duncan(Aretha Franklin), and Aby Wolf (Kate Bush).

Unlike the first show which was held in the mainroom at First Avenue, last night's show was sold out. Also it had more of an intimate setting than the First Avenue show back in May. Due to a family emergency, The Current's Andrea Swensson who was originally going to curate the event had to bail out of the show but thankfully Sheela Namakkal was able to fill in her shoes. Just like the first Girl Germs event, the second event was a lot of fun. I was really impressed with the post-punk, synth-rock group Yoni Yum. Really enjoyed watching them go through Marianne Faithfull's music. I definitely will have to catch them in concert again live to hear them perform original music. I will be brutally honest, I am not really familiar with Marianne's catalog so I can't really compare their covers to the original songs. I do think the songs sounded great. I absolutely loved Kitten Forever's set. Their set really stood out with me of all the bands that performed last night. The women had a lot of energy and I loved that they switched instruments through out their short 30 minute set. I could also see the women were totally having a blast on stage. They also have a lot of energy. I think the band did a kickass job of covering Beyonce's music. I like that they gave her music a punk sound to the song. They sounded a lot better. LOL! I hope to be able to see the women live again so I could hear them perform their own material. I think it was smart of them to choose an artist that no one expected to cover for the show. The results were highly entertaining. Aby Wolf was fantastic. She really nailed the Kate Bush songs to a tee. There were moments when I felt I was listening to Kate Bush in concert last night. I'm really not big on modern day R and B or Erykah Badu but I thought K.Raydio put in an excellent set. She definitely did Erykah Badu justice with her interpretations of her songs. The only set of the night I wasn't feeling was Alpha Consumer's set. I like Debbie Duncan. She has a wonderful voice but the music just bored me. It was like improvisational jazz that would never end (which is why I am not a fan of jazz music because sometimes it goes on and on for what seems like forever).

Overall though, last night was a fun show. I got a ton of pictures this time around :) I also have posted some clips from some of the artists' bandcamp sites so go check them out.

goth_maven's Second Annual Girl Germs Tribute show album on Photobucket

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