Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My 10 Favorite Albums When I Was Teenager

Today at work I was on '90s kick and spent the morning listening to music that I loved as a teenager. I thought I would share some of my favorite albums from my part of my teenage years. All of the albums featured represents my musical tastes from my sophomore year in high school and after when I discovered alternative rock and punk music. I read the old punk fanzine Flipside religiously. I wasn't that into Maximum Rock and Roll 'zine. Of course I wore a lot of flannel and always had a pair of Doc Martens (or their cheaper rip offs) on my feet.

I thank the heavens for Social Distortion for getting me out of that hair metal crap. I liked some Nirvana but I wasn't too blown away by their music like a lot of people were. I was more into bands like L7 and Babes in Toyland. Their music was far less polish than Nirvana's. I also dug 7 Year Bitch and The Gits, two bands I read about in Flipside which is how I discovered them. I discovered L7 in an issue of Rolling Stone magazine with Nirvana on the cover.

As much as I disliked high school, the music during those formidable years were certainly some of the best. What makes me look back with such fondness is the joy I got from discovering them in Flipside and then hunting down their music. The younger generation today will never know the joy I got from working my ass to discovering new artists. Now they have social media and the internet. Also they treat music as if it is a commodity and not as a work of art. It would be wrong for me to say that all the millenials are like that but there certainly is a lot of them who don't view music the same way as I do.

10. Texas: Mothers Heaven

09. The Gits: Frenching the Bully

08. PJ Harvey: Dry

07. 7 Year Bitch: Sick 'Em

06. Curve: Cuckoo

05. Cycle Sluts From Hell: Cycle Sluts From Hell

04. L7: Smell the Magic

03. Babes in Toyland: Fontanelle

02. Social Distortion: Social Distortion

01. L7: Bricks are Heavy

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