Saturday, February 7, 2015

Albums I am currently listening to

It has been quite a long time since I have listened to the pop punk band The Muffs. I loved them in the '90s.  I always felt they (and The Groovie Ghoulies) put out better pop punk music than that shit band called Green Day. I recently got their latest album from the library and I find myself enjoying their music as much as I did in my 20s. I absolutely adore Kim Shattuck's raspy vocals.

Back in November when I was visiting my folks for Thanksgiving, I was watching the Saturday morning and the Ohio band Wussy came on the air. Normally I am not a big indie rock fan but I really liked what I heard when they performed on the show. Last week I finally got their latest album Attica. I think it is pretty damn good. Definitely rockish but there certainly is a bit of country here in there in the music. If the band ever came through the Twin Cities, I definitely would go pay to see them live (as I would with The Muffs).

Ever since I got the new Chandeen album Forever and Ever, I decided to give their previous album Blood River Skies. It is definitely as good as their new album. It is funny I like the band's more current material than I do their earlier stuff. I guess it is just personal preference. Their current music has a shoegazey sound that appeals to me.

I Remember by Kaskade is Google Play's current free album of the week. I like it. It isn't the best album I have ever heard but it is good chill out electronica music.

I downloaded Taiga by Zola Jesus a few weeks ago when it was (and maybe it still is) on sale for $3.99 via Google Play. This is my kind of pop music that I can dig. Definitely check it out.  People need to listen to more Zola Jesus and a lot less Katy Perry and Beyonce IMHO.

The latest albums by Delain and LIGHTS have been getting good airtime at home and work. I am looking forward to seeing Delain in April with Nightwish and Sabaton. That will be a killer show. 

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