Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Old and new favorite songs

Old Favorite Songs:

Sero.Overdose: Missing

Angels and Agony: Euphoria

Namnambulu: Memories

I have been on a big futurepop kick for the past few days and especially songs from several years ago. Since hearing the new Angels and Agony album Monument not long ago, I decided to dig back into their archives and listen to their earlier music. They remind me of another excellent futurepop band Solitary Experiments.

I used to have a Sero. Overdose cd but to be honest I found it to be a hit or miss with me. One of the few songs I loved on the album was "Missing". Super catchy song.

One of these days I need to add some Namnambulu to my music collection. I have listened to a lot of their music online and absolutely love all the songs that I have heard. I have never heard a song by the group that I did not like. "Memories" is one of my personal favorite songs by the band because it was the first Namnambulu song that I had ever heard.

New Favorite Songs:

Angels and Agony: Monument

Covenant: Not to Be Here Synchronize

I am so thrilled to see Angels and Agony back on the electro scene. They have been sorely missed by me. I started listening to them after discovering Apoptygma Berzerk and VNV Nation. Their new album is fantastic. The title track to their new album is a terrific track off the album. I definitely recommend checking it out.

I have been listening to a lot of Covenant lately because of their upcoming show. I have decided to give their most recent album Leaving Babylon a second chance (wasn't crazy about it the first time around). It is okay but certainly not my favorite Covenant album but I do love the song "Not to Be Here" a beautiful ballad.

Really digging the new song "Synchronize". I certainly plan on checking out the new MiB album when it comes out.

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