Monday, February 23, 2015

My Top 10 Covenant songs

For some odd reason tonight I couldn't embed my latest playlist on to my blog. I couldn't get the link of my playlist to convert the link for me. Hopefully it isn't a permanent issue and just a temporary technical issue with Spotify. Tonight's playlist was going to be all about Covenant (as a means to help promote the upcoming Covenant show in Saint Paul put on by Kilted Farmer Koncerts). Instead I decided to post my 10 favorite Covenant songs.

01. The World is Growing Loud

02. Brave New World

03. Dead Stars

04. Call the Ships to Port

05. Ignorance and Bliss

06. The Beauty and Grace

07. Like Tears in Rain

08. Judge of My Domain

09. Bullet

10. Feedback

And in case you are wondering who else is playing with Covenant that night, local band AS/OFand The Labrynth which which features Sara Stewart [Ayria/The Break Up] and Michael Wimer [Ayria/Information Society/VNV Nation].

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