Monday, February 9, 2015

My 20 worst bands from the '90s

Tonight I came across this article from Mandatory about The 20 Worst Bands From the '90s. I decided to put together my own list of my least favorite bands from the '90s.

20. LFO

If you need mispell one of the words in your band name, then you know this group is going to suck.

19. Hootie and the Blowfish

Just the name of this band made me can't stand them. Their songs themselves were generic and boring.

18. 7 Mary 3

Horrible, horrible band with even worse music. Yes I thought there was some good grunge but then there was this shit and Candlebox.

17. Candlebox

See 7 Mary 3.

16. The Presidents of the United States

Never understood the appeal of this band and I still don't.

15. Five

Boy bands were one of the reason I hated some of music that came out of the '90s. Thank goodness this band never really hit its peak like the BSB and NSYNC did in the '90s.

14. Metallica

Metallica in the '80s were kickass. Metallica in the '90s was lame.

13. Goo Goo Dolls

Like 7 Mary 3, awful name, awful music.

12. Spin Doctors

This band and their overplayed music drove me up the wall.

11. Nsync

I loathed and still do this sort of pop music.

10. Backstreet Boys

09. Third Eye Blind

I never understand this band's popularity. Eric Jenkins can't sing shit and the lyrics he wrote were awful. Plus from what I have read he was a pompous, egotistical ass.

08. Tonic

When I worked at the local Dairy Queen one summer, I heard this damn song over and over again. Gawd did I hate it! Thankfully they disappeared as fast as they came on to the music scene.

07. Marcy Playground

Another band whose one hit drove me insane. Such an awful voice.

06. Barenaked Ladies

See Tonic. Their music just downright sucked but "One Week" was the worst of the bunch they put out.

05. Smash Mouth

The lead singer had one of the most annoying voices I had heard from that decade. Just got on every last nerve in my body.

04. The Verve Pipe

Bands like The Verve Pipe offended me so much because the music was so damn boring and bland.

03. Limp Bizkit

I absolutely hated the whole rap/rock sound. Limp Bizkit was the worst of the bunch. The music and their fans were as dumb as a box of hay.

02. Spice Girls

I don't think I need to explain this one. LOL!
01. Creed

Pearl Jam called, they wanted their sound back.

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