Saturday, February 21, 2015

Artists worth checking out: Orphan Mothers and My Midnight Heart

Tonight I got notified on my android phone that the electropop duo from Regina, Saskatchewan called Orphan Mothers which features Jon Neher and Eden Rohatensky, had just started following me on Twitter. When I clicked on their Twitter page and I then went to their bandcamp page to check out their music. The duo had just released their debut EP Hindsight earlier this week.

Hindsight is a six song collection of intimate electro-pop songs whose influences ranges from jazz to '80s new wave music. I was immediately drawn to their music given my fondness for electro-pop music. If the duo wasn't from Regina, I would say they would have been from the Twin Cities where there is a burgeoning electro-pop scene featuring the sounds of Tiny Deaths, Astronomique, Claps, Yoni Yum, and Aby Wolf. Check Out Orphan Mothers. Their music is pure synth bliss.

Last year, I went to see Tegan and Sara at First Avenue. Of the two opening bands that night, My Midnight Heart was my personal favorite opening act. My Midnight Heart's music is described as "dark pop" and her influences ranges from Bat For Lashes to Radiohead. My Midnight Heart (i.e Angelica Allen) recently released two EPs Drown and this past week Break.
I was not disappointed in what I heard with the new EPs. Like on her first EP Chest of Hearts, the music is absolutely lush and atmospheric and couple that with Angelica Allen's gorgeous vocals, the results is absolutely enchanting. I am really been keeping my eye out on My Midnight Heart (and apparently so is the media like Spin Magazine). My Midnight Heart is proof that pop music (as a genre) can be good and have substance to it (as opposed to the mindless, corporate crap churned out by mainstream record labels). 

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