Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Old and New Favorite Songs

Believe it or not I actually remembered to post my latest favorite songs (from the past and present) ;). As a reminder, this was inspired by Rolling Stone magazine's column where they have an artist or some sort of celebrity list their favorite tracks, 3 old and 3 new tracks.

Old Favorites:
Limahl: Never Ending Story

Amaranthe: Amaranthine

Massive Attack: Angel

One of my personal favorite songs from my childhood that I can never sick of is Limahl's "Never Ending Story". I can listen to it non-stop and not get sick of hearing it.

I first heard "Amaranthine" by Amaranthe back in September when they opened up for Within Temptation. I immediately fell in love with the song. I am hoping they will play it again live this May.

I almost forgot how good Massive Attack's Mezzanine album was until I re-acquired a copy of the album last weekend.I absolutely love the dark sinister beats of the song "Angel" in particular. A very moody track.

New Favorites:
Nightwish: Elan

Nightwish: Sagan

Richard Marx: Turn Off the Night

I am truly loving the new Nightwish single "Elan". I think it kicks ass. I am constantly listening to the song at home, work, and on the bus. I also like the song "Sagan" which unfortunately won't be on the new Nightwish album. It is a shame it was cut from the album. I think it is a fantastic song.

Awhile back I heard the new album by Richard Marx. I thought it was a well written pop album. My favorite song off the album was the ballad "Turn Off the Night". I suspect the song is based on his divorce. The lyrics sounded very personal and the melodies was absolutely breathtaking. After all these years, Richard Marx still has the knack for writing a good pop hook.

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