Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Album Of The Week: Mythologie by Delerium

I have been a fan of Delerium for well over a decade now. I was introduced to their music by a former roommate when I lived in Wisconsin. Karma and Semantic Spaces were my first introduction to the atmospheric sounds of Delerium. The rest is history. For the most part, I have loved the music Delerium but after 2001's Poem I just found each Delerium release a mixed bag.Their sound began getting more poppier and losing a lot more of their ambient sound I fell in love with on Karma and Semantic Spaces.

I really didn't care much for Chimera and Nuages Du Monde. Too many filler tracks, very few songs that I enjoyed. Also really too pop orientated for my liking. Really disappointing that Delerium could put out two really weak albums. Music Box Opera was okay. Had some decent songs but nothing to write home about. Mythologie is one of those albums that I really needed time to digest. On the first listen, I was not impressed with what I had heard. I thought it was pretty bland but I decided that I should not totally disregard this album and that I need to listen to it several more times. Listening to Mythologie a several more times and allowing my ears and brain to marinate in its lush, atmospheric sounds proved to be a wise decision.

Let me just get this out of the way and say that Mythologie is by no means another Karma, Semantic Spaces or Poem. That is fine with me. What I really like is hearing that the album's sound has a good even balance between ambient/trip hop elements with pop melodies. Mythologie is not a perfect album. I have to be in the right frame of mood at work to listen to it but home it is perfect to chill out. I definitely do recommend giving the new Delerium album a listen to and not just once. Listen to it a few more times and when your attention is not somewhere else.

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