Friday, September 9, 2016

Music I have bought this year (so far)

Today I ended up buying a digital version of the new Pride and Fall album Red For The Dead - Black For the Mourning because Spotify didn't have the album in its entirety. I must say it was well worth the $12 I spent on it which included a few remixes which were very good. It got me thinking about all the music I purchased this year and decided to share with my readers with the music I have bought so far. I have been bad. I have been streaming a lot of music lately but I am trying to get back into actually buying my music even if in digital form. I certainly could do better to show support for my favorite artists by buying their music.

David Bowie: Blackstar
The Internet: Ego Death
Psalm One: The Death of Frequent Flier

Pulcher Femina: Shadows of the Lover
Future Perfect: Dirty Little Secrets
Blutengel: Seelenschmerz
P.O.S: We Don't Live Here
Dessa: Parts of Speech
Ari Mason: Creatures

Schools of Seven Bells: SVIIB (2x - digital and CD)
Ryan Adams: 1989
Tracy Chapman: Greatest Hits
Kitten: Heaven or Somewhere In Between
Hydrah: Hold
Adele: 25
The Jezabels: Synthia (digital)
Chamaeleon: Evil is Good

Avarice in Audio: Apollo and Dionysus
Softwave: Together Alone
Lights: Midnight Machines
The Jezabels: Synthia (CD)
Brandi Carlile: The Story
Ayria: Paper Dolls
Purple Fog Side: Breathe In

Depeche Mode: Catching Up With Depeche Mode
Moby: 18
Evanescence: Fallen
Straight Outta Compton soundtrack

Believe it or not I did not buy any music in the entire month of June.

You Yo Ma and The Silk Road Ensemble: Sing Me Home (gift to my mother)
Aby Wolf: Call The Rocks
Bat For Lashes: The Bride
Tegan and Sara: Love You To Death
Chrom: Peak and Decay

Promidal: Simul Iustus et Peccator

Kristin Kontrol: X-Communicate
Pride and Fall: Red For the Dead - Black For the Mourning

I must say I am rather glad I didn't spend my $$$ on the new Mesh album. It's good but the last 3-4 tracks on Looking Skyward are just dreadful. I may still buy the album despite its flaws but in digital form but the new Pride and Fall album is absolutely wonderful. Promidal, CHROM, and Pride and Fall's albums are the only EBM releases that I have been interested in lately. Most of the music I am listening to as of lately have been outside goth/industrial scene. My favorite albums of this year so far are by Bat For Lashes, Tegan and Sara, The Jezabels, LIGHTS, School of Seven Bells, and Kristin Kontrol.  I hope to buy some music when I am in Chicago for the Lush and Belly shows next weekend.

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