Saturday, September 10, 2016

Albums and Playlists I Am Currently Listening to



This week I have actually been listening to some new releases. I like the new Delerium single "Ritual" featuring Phildel. It is not a bad song but there is nothing about that makes it stand out from other songs Delerium has put out over the years. This is your typical ambient/pop track from Delerium. I can't really give any feedback on the new M.I.A album AIM. This is one of those albums that needs to sink into my subconsciousness after listening to it several times. I will say this it doesn't stand out as much as her previous album Matangi did with me.

Yesterday I bought the digital version of the new Pride and Fall album Red For the Mourning - Black For the Dead album after hearing a few tracks of it on bandcamp. It is a beautiful album. Truth be told, I am liking this album a lot more than the new Mesh album. The remixes are excellent too especially by Nevarakka and C-Lekktor. What is also really good is the new Assemblage 23 album Endure. When I get paid this coming week, I definitely going to order the deluxe edition which features remixes. The remixes are freaking fantastic.

I have been listening to Paper Dolls by Ayria a lot lately. I am super excited about seeing her in November. "Underneath the Water" and "Chameleon" are my personal favorite tracks on the album. I definitely think this album is a huge improvement over Plastic Makes Perfect (i.e way too many filler tracks).

Made a few playlists this week. I definitely plan on adding more to my classical playlist. It is a work in progress. Love the Ashbury Heights and Blutengel playlists that I made. 

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