Friday, June 13, 2014

5 Female artists that you should know

I am not going to get into gory details for why I was inspired to write tonight's blog. I will just say that it culminated from what I have seen on Facebook last night and today. What was discussed quickly got me to start thinking about the women in the dark underground music scene and how much or how little recognition certain artists receive. I thought I would share with my readers the 10 female artists that people should be aware of (and tomorrow I will post the 5 male artists that people should be aware of too).

01. Jai (Sensuous Enemy)

Jai has been one of my top ten favorite singers for the past five years now. I think she has one of the best set of pipes around, not to mention Sensuous Enemy being one of my personal favorite bands in the dark music scene in general. I personally think it is a crime that Jai and her band is not more widely known.

02. Sara Noxx

Maybe it is just the scene I am part of where I live but I'm rather stunned that Sara Noxx isn't more known. I have been a fan of her music for several years now. First time I heard of Sara Noxx was on the "Navigator" remix by Blutengel. Considering how obscure her music is in the scene, I have paid good money for imports for her music but it is so worth it.

03. Valerie Renay (Noblesse Oblige)

Noblesse Oblige was my new favorite band of 2013. I really became a big fan of their music when I heard their song "Runaway" off their latest album Affair of the Heart thanks in part to Valerie's vocals.

04. Yaz (Javelynn)

I have been a fan of Yaz since her days in Ashbury Heights (she was on their first two albums). Javelynn is her latest musical project. Chimaera at Heart definitely solidified Yaz as one of my favorite (female) singers in my book.

05. Anastasia Dimou (Feathers)

If All Now Here is one of my favorite releases from last year that I heard this year. Normally I am wary of comparisons to other bands but I think in the case of Feathers sounding like a female version of Depeche Mode, the description is spot on. I really love the ethereal vocals by Anastasia Dimou. They often give me the chills when I listen to the album.

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