Sunday, June 22, 2014

How I have spent my last four years

So here it 1000th blog entry. Plus this month it is my 4th anniversary of being the lone mastermind of this blog. I am rather in awe that this blog have lasted as long as it has because I had blogs where I lost interest in it within a matter of months. To be honest, I didn't really have any long term plans for this blog or had any clues on where I wanted to take this blog but thanks to the countless concerts I have attended (mostly shows from Kilted Farmer Koncerts ) and interacted with many musicians, I eventually figured out what direction I wanted to take this blog to which is basically show support for the local and national dark underground music scene.

I thought in honor of my 4th anniversary/1000th blog entry, I would share with my readers 100 of my favorite bands/albums/songs that I have been enjoying since I started writing this blog. In 2010, my taste in music was mostly what everyone else in the scene was listening to which were bands signed to Metropolis Records, Alfa Matrix Records, and Out of Line Records. Now? I find myself wanting to broaden my horizons and search for artists and bands that would appeal to me but don't have the luxury or perhaps chose to operate on an independent level that doesn't get heard as much in clubs around the world. Thanks to social media websites like Twitter, and streaming sites like Sound Cloud, bandcamp, and Spotify, discovering new music has gotten easier for me. Without further ado, here is a 100 of my favorite things about music from the past four years :).

P.S...I had to not include some of my long time favorite bands like Cylab, Blutengel, Sensuous Enemy, Ayria, Ashbury Heights, Kirlian Camera, and VNV Nation except for the last list because I had been listening to them prior to 2010.

25 Favorite Local Acts
Absynthe of Faith
Brute Heart
Dance Assault
Fate's Palette
Fort Wilson Riot
Gabriel and The Apocalypse
Gospel Gossip
The Melismastics
The Rope
Thought Thieves

25 Favorite Discoveries (found via internet)
Army on the Dance Floor
Avarice in Audio
Fort Wilson Riot
Future Perfect
God Destruction
Lucid Living
Moonlight Cove
Mr. Kitty
Noblesse Oblige
Rave the Reqviem
The Bellwether Syndicate
The Luna Sequence
Waves Under Water

25 Favorite Artists (from the past four years)
Army On the Dance Floor
Avarice in Audio
Carved Souls
Chelsea Wolfe
Cosmic Armchair
Die Braut
Dum Dum Girls
For All the Emptiness
Future Perfect
Lucid Living
Merging Moon
Moonlight Cove
My Midnight Heart
Noblesse Oblige
The Break Up

*This particular list was difficult for me because there were so many great bands like The Foreign Resort, Gospel Gossip, Parralox, Mr. Kitty, and countless others that had to be excluded. I have found some really excellent new bands over the last few years courtesy of social media. Right now Bandcamp is my place to find new artists.

25 Favorite Songs (from the past four years)
Refuge by Client
Nightglory by Kirlian Camera
Land of the Innocent by Feathers
Runaway by Noblesse Oblige
Far From Pain by Mondtraume
Frostbite by Avarice in Audio
Our Common Future by Psy'Aviah
Nightlight by My Midnight Heart
Leia by Army on the Dance Floor
The Fall by Unter Null
Marching of the Days by Cosmic Armchair
Summer by Marsheaux
Smile of Low by Midnight Cove
Escape by Future Perfect
When Heart Forgives by Nadina
Call Your Girlfriend by Robyn
Morphine by Javelynn
Barrio Gotico by Corde Oblique
Borderline by the Girl and the Robot
Dance in the Graveyard by Delta Rae
Uber Den Horizont by Blutengel
Space and Time by VNV Nation
Miss You by Parralox
Skin by Cylab
Intentions by Sensuous Enemy

It is amazing how much my taste in music has evolved in the past few years. I am digging more of the harsher side of EBM like Amduscia, Die Braut, and God Destruction. On the non-goth/industrial side, I have enjoying the sounds of Dum Dum Girls, Phantogram, and Uh Huh Her. I find myself branching out of the dark underground scene and into the indie rock/electro-pop territory. So far my 2 very favorite concerts that I have seen this year has been the Dum Dum Girls and Phantogram. Despite the venues being packed with annoying hipsters, I really found myself enjoying those shows in particular. As for the local scene, I wasn't even big on the local music scene for a long time but having seen it grow and evolve in the past few years, I can now say I was wrong about it. The Twin Cities still has a small goth/industrial scene but I  like that intimate feel. Everyone knows everyone or at least knows who he or she is. Hell! I even been recognized at shows for my work here. So here is to the next 1000 blog entries :).  

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