Sunday, June 1, 2014

Some food for thought: May in Review

Well May is finally over. I thought I was busy in April but May proved to be my busiest month ever for concerts and a very good month for new music. I thought I would just share my thoughts with my readers my going on's last month.

Concerts: Never have I been to so many shows in one month. I thought I was busy in April but I had more to go to in May. I went to quite a few local shows. Of the local shows I attended, the latest DSMN and the Girl Germs proved to be the only local shows worth my time and money. While I did enjoy Astronomique's set at Cause, I left early because they were the only reason I went to the show. The Fort Wilson Riot release I left early was out of anger. I was sick of pushy people or wankers who kept intruding on my personal space without any consideration by dancing. I'm sorry but I truly have come to despise hipsters. They are rude and totally inconsiderate for others around them at club. Sorry I didn't get to see FWR perform live but I did buy their new album and I think it is terrific, their fanbase? Not so much. They are a bunch of self-absorbed wankers IMHO. So from me to all hipsters, I would like to say a big FU. I should have gone to the Orchyd show instead but can't do anything about that now. People in the dark underground scene are nowhere as rude, pushy and inconsiderate towards others as you are. There may be a few pricks but nothing compared to the gobs of hipsters in the local scene. The world owes you twats NOTHING. So get over yourselves BIG TIME. Yeah, totally unprofessional for me to say that here but I'll make the exception in this case. The audience at First Avenue for Girl Germs Tribute was immensely better. I will say that seeing a lot of underage audience members made me feel a bit old ;). That show was definitely the highlight of May in terms of local shows. I got to see my favorite drummer Lori Barbero emcee the event but best of all, finally got to see L'Assassins live. They really tore up the stage during their set. I got to start going to more shows by the punkabilly band. They are so much fun to see live.

As far as the goth/industrial scene, my favorite performances in May was Ego Likeness, Surgyn, and God Module. I was really impressed with Surgyn's performance last night. I love their mix of clean and harsh vocals. I also picked up their new album Envy. Once again DWA has put out another quality album. DWA is definitely my favorite record label. I guess with my musical tasting veering more into the harsh EBM territory, it would be obvious that DWA would be more suited to my musical tastes. God Module was fucking awesome to see for the first time. They are definitely becoming a favorite of mine. Of course I was happy to see Ego Likeness. Donna Lynch sounds so incredible live. The band's records really don't do justice. I love hearing her sing "Persona Non Grata" live. It was also good seeing De/vision and Voltaire (what little I saw) but to be honest I have outgrown Voltaire's music. I like his early music on Projekt Records but after his stint with the label, I have moved on to bigger and better things.

New Music: I finally got around to buying Blutengel's Black Symphonies album. I really like it but I wish the band included some older tracks. The new Stoneburners album Songs in the Key of Arrakis is superb. I definitely recommend buying it. I also recommend the new albums by Surgyn and Mankind is Obsolete. I recently streamed the new MKIO album at work last week and was truly impressed with what I heard. I quickly ordered a copy of their new album Mobius Loop from their website. As I said earlier, the new Fort Wilson Riot Trillum is excellent. I picked up a copy at their album release show at the Triple Rock. Easily one of my favorite local albums of 2014 as is the new Astronomique EP Burning Stars Fade. Earlier in May, I re-acquired a copy of Nightwish's classic Oceanborn album. I have missed having the album in my CD collection. Still holds up to this very day. Definitely my favorite Nightwish album. While at the Aesthetic Perfection show last night, I finally bought Panic Lift's Is This Goodbye? album. I am really enjoying it. I should have bought it sooner but at least I bought it directly from the band and helped them with their travels.

Right now I am currently waiting for my copies of Psyborg Corp's The Frozen Shrines of Obsydyana, Arizona Lights by Machinista, Novus Ordo Seclorum by God Destruction, and Mobius Loop by Mankind is Obsolete. I am particularly excited to hear the long awaited Psyborg Corp's second album.

So there you have it, the month of May in so many words ;). June is going to be quiet in comparison with just Tegan and Sara as my big concert for the month and L'Assassins at Icehouse for my local show to attend.

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