Thursday, June 12, 2014

Albums I am currently listening to

The Essential Sarah McLachlan

I almost forgot how much I love Sarah McLachlan's music until recently when I picked up this album at the library earlier this week. I really prefer her early music.

Sarah McLachlan: Shine

I really wanted to like the new Sarah McLachlan album but I can't. It's a real snoozefest.

Mazzy Star: Seasons of Your Day

I only listened to this album once last year. I found the album at the library last weekend and picked it up. I really like the new Mazzy Star album. Kinda wish that I went to their show last year but it is what it is.

Putumayo Presents: Native America

I also got this compilation at the library last weekend. Not very long but a very good compilation of music by various Native American musicians. I definitely plan on buying my own copy one day.

Hole: Live Through This

I was always more of an L7 fan than of Hole's music but I always liked their album Live Through This. Just got the album from the library this week. I think the music still holds up well. It is very raw and angry.

L7: Bricks Are Heavy

My soundtrack to my sophomore year in high school. Still love this album to this very day. I miss this band.

Dum Dum Girls: End of Daze

Another favorite release from the Dum Dum Girls, my favorite band of 2014 so far.

Morcheeba: Blood Like Lemonade

I just can't get enough of the new Cosmic Armchair EP. I have been listening to it non-stop. I can hardly wait for the duo to release a full-length album later this year.

Another great new signing from Alfa Matrix. Can't wait to hear what else this Aussie duo has to offer. Absolutely love the song "Frostbite".

Love this album! Been listening to it since Tuesday when it was unleashed to the public. Certainly one of my current favorite albums at the moment.

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