Friday, June 27, 2014

Albums I am currently listening to

Linea Aspera by Linea Aspera

Unfortunately this band is no longer together but their music lives on forever. If you like '80s new wave music, you would totally dig Linea Aspera's self-titled album.

The Girl and The Robot: Whole/Flowers

I have been listening to The Girl and The Robot's music for most of this music. I was going through one of my youtube playlists and saw that I had a video from them on it. After re-discovering the German electropop duo, I started to listen to their music as much as possible. I really dig their two EP's Silence/Borderline and Whole/Flowers. Their full length album The Beauty of Decay was only so-so. I think the band is no longer around. Their website no longer exists and the last time they posted on FB was a year ago. Damn shame if that is the case because I think they are really good.

The Girl and The Robot: Silence/Borderline

I loved both The Girl and The Robot EPs so much I wound up ordering copies of them from POPoNaut.

Psyborg Corp: The Frozen Shrines of Obsydyana

After a four year wait, Psyborg Corp finally released their follow up to The Mechanical Renaissance, one of my favorite aggrotech albums in recent years. Their new album did not disappoint me. The vocals are different though and by that I mean is that they are clean instead of harsh. As different as the vocals sounds, I dig them. The beats on the album are tight. Very club-friendly.

Marsheaux: Odyssey

Still enjoying the hell out of the best of compilation from one of my favorite bands in the past few years.

Delerium: Poem

I recently had to buy another copy of my personal favorite Delerium album after I discovered how shitty my previous copy sounded (i.e it kept skipping). After 14 years since it was release, the album still sounds amazing to me. This remains to be my personal favorite album by Delerium to this very day.

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