Thursday, June 19, 2014

Albums of the Week

Normally for my Album of the Week weekly series,I focus on one album but this week is going to be different. I decided to do two albums because I couldn't pick one over the other. LOL! So for this week's Albums Of The Week, I have chosen Arch Enemy's War Eternal and Marsheaux's Odyssey albums.

Arch Enemy: War Eternal

I bought the new Arch Enemy album last week on my day off from work. I have been listening to it a lot since then. I am really enjoying their new singer Alissa White-Gluz. I don't think the band's previous singer Angela Gossow would have picked just anyone to fill her shoes. I personally think Alissa has proven to be a worthy successor. As for the album itself, I love it especially the title track. I personally think it is a top notch metal album and definitely one of my favorite releases of 2014. It's funny, a few years ago I wasn't big on Arch Enemy or the whole death metal sound but now I absolutely love Arch Enemy. I became a fan when I bought Khaos Legions a few years ago. I suppose because of all the aggrotech/harsh EBM I listen to on a regular basis, I now can handle the harsh death metal vocals.

Marsheaux: Odyssey

This week I bought online the new best of compilation album Odyssey by one of my favorite electropop bands Marsheaux. I absolutely freaking love it. I only own a couple of their albums Inhale and Lumineux Noir. There are songs on the best of collection that I don't have in my cd collection so this album totally helps me out with that slight issue ;). I still plan on buying their other albums but in the meantime Odyssey will do. I certainly would recommend buying this album for new fans. My personal favorite song on the album is "Full Attack", a new song written for the album. It is addictively catchy. I also love their version of "Pop Corn". I currently have that song stuck in my head thanks to the women ;). Do I wish they included more songs on the album? Yes, maybe for a greatest hits package later down the road but overall Odyssey is a great compilation and well worth the money.

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