Thursday, June 5, 2014

Some of my favorite albums of 2014

Now that it is June, I thought I would share with my readers some of my favorite releases from 2014 so far. Still waiting for my copies of the new Psyborg Corp, God Destruction, and Machinista albums but I have no doubt they will end up on my end of the year list. I should note that this list is not in order. Just sharing some of my favorite albums from this year :).

Mankind is Obsolete: Morbius Loop

Last week I first listened to the new MKIO album on bandcamp. I was immediately hooked on the album. I automatically went to the band's website and ordered a copy of the album. I am really digging the new album a lot. It is so freaking good. I definitely recommend giving it a listen and hopefully you will buy a copy.

Mondtraume: Empty

Easily my favorite synthpop album of 2014 and is quickly beocming one of my personal favorite synthpop albums of all time. I haven't been able to stop listening to this album since I got it back in April. The music is so addictive.

Nitro/Noise: No Cure for Apocalypse

Nitro/Noise definitely did not disappoint me with their new album. Very aggressive and energetic.

Lucid Living: Miracless

As a fan of Delerium, Balligomingo, Sleepthief, and Conjure One, this EP by independent artist Lucid Living really appealed to me right away.

Army On the Dance Floor: Many Faces of War

Dum Dum Girls: Too True

Too True was the first release of 2014 I bought this year. It also got me into the Dum Dum Girls big time.

Anette Olzon: Shine

I really didn't expect to like this album so much but I did. I think Anette was better suited off as a solo artist as opposed to being a member of a popular gothic metal band.

As far as local releases goes, I absolutely love the new EP/album by Astronomique and Fort Wilson Riot.

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