Monday, May 11, 2015

Album of the Week: Dark Matter by SPC ECO

I was going to do my weekly playlist but then I heard a fantastic album this afternoon that I felt that needed to be shared with on my blog. The album is Dark Matter by the alternative band SPC ECO which features Dean Garcia (of Curve fame) and Rose Berlin. They and a slew of collaborators (which you can read the list at this link to find out who they worked with).

Dark Matter is a lush, atmospheric, seductive collection of dreampop and electronica with a tinge of shoegaze. The album is very mellow and laid back. For the most part, SPC ECO has its own sound but from time to time I can hear a little Curve creep into the music like on "I Won't Be Heard". Another song that I am quite taken with is "Meteor", a beautiful ballad. The song is very chilled and relaxing to listen to. Makes me think of some of my favorite trip hop bands like Hungry Lucy, Olive, and Solar Twins (the last two from the '90s).  The music does get darker and edgier through out the album case in point "Down Low" and "The Whole World Shines". The beats gets grittier and lyrics are darker. The entire album is terrific. Dark Matter was released last week but I hadn't heard about this project until this afternoon via Facebook. I love the album from start to finish. Dark Matter is my pick this week for Album of the Week. Check it out!

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