Saturday, May 23, 2015

Albums I am currently listening to

Sara Noxx "Falling" [single]
The latest single from Sara Noxx. I really wasn't big on her latest album but I love this song. I'd skip the duet version. I wasn't terribly impressed with that track but the other versions of "Falling" is fantastic.

Solitary Experiments: Heavenly Symphony

Kinda ironic that Solitary Experiments' symphonic album would come out around the time VNV Nation releases Resonance. I certainly like Heavenly Symphony but hands down Resonance is a far better album. Solitary Experiments should stick to futurepop/EBM. This album sounded rather contrived IMHO. I did not get the same emotional response as I did with Resonance.

Marsheaux: A Broken Frame

In This Moment: Black Widow

The first time I heard the latest In This Moment album last year I was not impressed. Now that I heard it again the music has started growing on me.

VNV Nation: Automatic

SPC ECO: Dark Matter

Still can't get enough of this album or this band.

Frozen Plasma: Dekadenz

I think the new album by Frozen Plasma is my favorite futurepop album of 2015. As much as I enjoy the new Neuroticfish and Angels and Agony albums, I find myself listening to Dekadenz album quite a bit.

VNV Nation: Resonance
I have yet to get sick of this album.

Rosa Kruger: Orquidea

Super underrated darkwave/synthwave music from Argentian band.  

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