Saturday, May 2, 2015

Future Perfect: After the Fall

After a three year absence, one of my personal favorite bands Future Perfect returns with new music in the form of a 35 minute maxi-EP called After the Fall which is a first of two EPs set to be released this year, a follow up to their 2012 Escape. You can read more about the new music in a Q and A session on their website. 

Prior to reading the Q and A session on the band's website, I definitely could tell there was a distinct theme through out the lyrics which is the consequences of one's own choices through acts of lies and deception. The production on this album is stellar. It really stood out for me from the first time I heard the album. The sound of the synthesizers were crisp and had a lot of punch to the beats. In comparison to Escape, I felt the songs on After the Fall had a lot more energy, the music a lot more upbeat. Like on the previous album, vocals is shared between Simon and Rebecca. Both did a great job. The vocals meshes very well together. I particularly enjoyed listening to Rebecca's vocals on After the Fall, in my personal opinion her vocals have improved and gotten stronger on this album. 

I enjoyed listening to After the Fall and I love the music however there was one song that just did not win me over which was "Excess". The production on the song is fantastic but the melodies and lyrics simply did not win me over. I felt the melodies fell flat in comparison to tracks like "Dangerous Desires" and "Neo Rom Com" (which can easily get stuck in one's head if you aren't too careful ;)). The lyrics I just didn't think was great and to be honest, too cheesy for my liking. The instrumental track "Walking On Knives" is one of my favorite tracks of mine on the album. It was produced by new FP collaborator Noel Canney. I kind of wished the track was a little longer but better to be too short than too long.  I also dug "Dangerous Desires" and "Protect and Survive". 

Despite the misstep with "Excess", I think After the Fall is a great follow up to Escape. I enjoy this new direction Future Perfect is going in which is not to play it safe and stick to one particular sound. I am looking forward to hearing the band's second EP and see what direction they take their music to.

You can pre-order After the Fall digitally tomorrow via Google Play, iTunes, and Amazon, and for CDs through their bandcamp page. 

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