Sunday, May 24, 2015

Music I have bought in 2015 so far

Since I have Monday off because of Memorial Day, I thought instead of posting a list of music to listen to at work, I would post a list of music I have bought this year so far.

Chandeen: Forever and Ever
Joan Jett and The Blackhearts: Fit To Be Tied
Janet Jackson: The Velvet Rope
Mono: Formica Blues
Sade: The Best of Sade
FKA Twigs: EP2
Zola Jesus: Taiga

Nightwish: Elan
Nightwish: Endless Forms Most Beautiful (3 CD earbook)
Sleepthief: The Dawnseeker (re-release)
Paul Van Dyk: Out There and Back
Prodigy: Fat of the Land
Hackers 2 soundtrack
V/A: A Tribute to Blondie: Platinum Girl
Massive Attack: Mezzanine
Depeche Mode: Violator
The Crystal Method: Vegas
Orphan Mothers: Hindsight
Angels and Agony: Monument

Re/Vision: The SkyQode Tribute to De/Vision
2:54: The Other I
Namnambulu: Distances
Purity Ring: Another
Seabound/Iris: Radiant Turbulence
The Foreign Resort: All of Above
Pegasus Asteroid: The Fog
Neuroticfish: A Sign of Life
Nightwish: Endless Forms Most Beautiful (digital version)

As/Of: A Million Scars
Covenant: Leaving Babylon
Delta Rae: After It All
Sabaton: Heroes
Invocation Array: A Color For Fiction

SPC ECO: Dark Matter
VNV Nation: Resonance
Camouflage: Greyscale

Because I am saving up money for my next tattoo which will be a fairly large one on one of my thighs, well that and lack of any interesting new music worth shelling out money for, I haven't been bought much music this month. As far as how much money I have spent on music this year (so far), I have spent $413.05. Some of the CDs I bought this year I bought dirt cheap at Electric Fetus. I will be honest, 2015 isn't as good as the last two years for new music. Hopefully things will pick up over the summer/fall. One can only hope.

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