Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Old and New Favorite Songs

Old Favorite Songs:

I hadn't heard this song in two decades (or less). I don't know why but Peach Union popped in my head unexpectedly this week so I decided to find it on youtube. I completely forgot how much I like this song. I particularly love the orchestral melodies during the 2:58 mark.

Absolutely love this dance remix of the classic RUN DMC track as well as the original. Such a fucking great song to dance to at Metropolis when I went there in the '90s in Milwaukee, WI.

Another favorite song from my europop phase back in the '90s. I kinda miss those days when I go out to Metropolis (RIP) in Milwaukee, WI and get totally wasted and danced the night away. "Crush" was one of my top favorite songs from that era.

New Favorite Songs:

My current favorite song from Sabaton.

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