Saturday, May 30, 2015

Album of the Week: Greyscale by Camouflage

Last weekend I made a trip to my favorite record store the Electric Fetus and found a copy of the new Camouflage album Greyscale. As a big fan of synthpop and as someone who only has heard a few of their songs, I decided to buy it. The $21 I spent on the import cd was so worth it. So for this week's Album of the Week, I have decided on Greyscale by Camouflage.

As I have stated at the top, I have only heard a few songs by the legendary synthpop band so to hear a full length Camouflage album is a real treat for me. The music for the most part is very laid back and mellow often reminding me of Depeche Mode and De/Vision like on tracks. I have to be the first to admit "Shine" (a more upbeat track) took me a few listens for it to grow on me but it is a great song to start off the album. The song really gets stuck in your head and in a good way. As a whole, the album has a moody sound that made me think of Depeche Mode's Ultra, Exciter and Playing Playing the Angel eras. The music is often laid back and mellow but the pace does pick up a bit beginning with "Misery". The album is solid from start to finish. I particularly enjoyed the collaboration with ex-Wolfsheim singer Peter Heppner. I liked how the song shifts from Marcus Meyn's vocals to Heppner's distinct vocals with complete ease. Another favorite track off is "Still" which incorporates stringed instruments into the music which adds a nice sound to the song. I also enjoyed "Leave Your Room Behind". The song is not quite chill but also not as upbeat like "Shine". The vocals by Marcus and Oliver made me think of  De/Vision. I say this as a compliment. I enjoy listening to both men singing. Greyscale is easily going to be one  of my favorite releases of 2015 in a year of so-so releases (to me).

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