Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Things to know about The Twin Cities Underground for Twitter Users

I apologize to my readers for a break in my regular weekly posting of my favorite songs from the past and current music scene. I really need to get what is driving me up the wall off my chest. Tomorrow I will be back to my usual weekly posting for throwback Thursday ;). Tonight's blog is for those on Twitter who hit the follow button on my page, mainly for the few dumbasses who follow me for no other reason than to increase their followers or can't read my freaking bio. 

1) It will be five years in June when I first started my blog The Twin Cities Underground (hardly an original name for a blog but that was the best I could think of at the time). I initially created the blog as a vanity project for myself to talk about my favorite music. Things changed just shortly after I joined the street team for Kilted Farmer Koncerts and I began using it to promote KFK shows and new and interesting music.

2) My interests in music is primarily synthpop and industrial music. I do enjoy music in between like heavy metal, dreampop (i.e Chandeen and SPC ECO), shoegaze (The Foreign Resort, The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Bellwether Syndicate), I tend to promote music that I enjoy listening to. If people just took the time and listened to the youtube clips I post, you would get a freaking clue what I like. 

3) I may like a little hip hop but what I do NOT promote hip hop music at all. It is not my scene. The dark underground music scene is where I am at. Read my freaking bio on my Twitter page you stupid illiterate, dumbfucks:

This is my Twitter account to my blog The Twin Cities Underground,a blog for all things industrial and synthpop music as well as the local MN scene.

4) Regarding local music scene here in Minnesota, it is a hit or miss for me. I don't cover the entire MN scene because there are aspects of it that I don't care for (i.e indie rock). I'll cover what catches my attention.

5) To a certain troll who keeps creating fake accounts...FUCK YOU. I'm going to keep banning you as long as you keep creating new ones and keep following me. I'm sick of your shit. 

6) I am not interested in popularity contests. I don't follow back everyone because not everyone shares my interests. End of story.If you are following me for the sake of increasing your following numbers, go fuck off and stop wasting my time. 

So that is the gist of tonight's blog. I am really not into games or people who don't have a clue about my Twitter account and blog. 

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