Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Album of the week

I have to admit I was originally going to say that the new album by The Raveonettes album 2016 Atomized was my album of the week pick for the week but the more I listened to it, the less I liked the album. I rather wished I streamed it first before plopping down $11.99 for a mediocre album. Fortunately it did not take me very long to find another album that I actually like and can listen to from start to finish, and not cringe.

Not long ago I discovered that The Cranberries were hitting the road later this year. Unfortunately no Minnesota dates. The closest they will be near the Twin Cities is Iowa and Chicago. Anyways, they are touring in support of their new album Something Else which is an album featuring acoustic versions of their classic songs as well as three (I think) new tracks. The album also features a string quartet from the Irish Chamber Orchestra. I have already listened to the album twice today.  I also enjoyed the new songs as much as I enjoyed listening to the classics. I probably will buy a copy of the album whenever I make another trip to The Electric Fetus.

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