Thursday, May 11, 2017

Playlist of the Week

Considering my mood all this week, I had been listening a lot to my goth/darkwave playlist so a lot of the songs on this week's playlist consists of many songs from that playlist. I got a few local acts featured on this week's playlist.

I had been neglecting Tiny Death's Elegies album which is my current favorite album from a local artist here in the Twin Cities. I finally listened to it today for the first time in a month or two. I forgot how beautiful the music is. I had a difficult time choosing a favorite song off the album for this week's playlist but I ultimately decided on "The Tide".  I so love the production on this track.

I know I have featured "The Silence" by local MN post-punk band The Rope before but I absolutely adore this song. I would certainly have to say this is my favorite song by The Rope. The rhythm section is very solid.

My current favorite Autumn song I have been hitting the replay button on my Spotify app all week has been the beautiful ballad "Lullaby For Marguerite" from the band's last studio album Return to the Breath. It is a six and a half minute epic ballad. I love the orchestral strings that opens up the song. With my mood all week fluctuating all over the place, I have taken great solace in this song. I find the melodies and Julie's vocals has a calming effect on me especially when the rage in me comes to the surface.

Got some oldies but goodies like "Mexican Moon" by Concrete Blonde", "Donimo" by Cocteau Twins", "In Between Days" by The Cure, and "Ardera Sempre" by Miranda Sex Garden. As old as they are, these songs truly do hold up in this day and age of trap music and whatever else is popular in pop music nowadays.Recently I started listening to "Ardera Sempre" by MSG for the first time in many, many years. I definitely have forgotten how good this song is. The vocals sends chills up my spine.

The only non-goth/darkwave/post-punk song I did feature on this week's playlist is Muna's "End of Desire". It is such a great pop song. Muna put out one of my favorite releases of 2017 with About U. The music isn't sappy or stupid. The production is far from slick and overproduced.

2017 is almost half way over and I am still listening to the latest White Lies album Friends on a regular basis. Friends was my top favorite album of 2016. I have yet to get sick of it. All of the songs on the album are super catchy. My current favorite song is "Is My Love Enough?".

Threw in some Ashbury Heights and Blutengel songs. Three Cheers For the Newlydead remains my favorite Ashbury Heights album of all time. It has so many great songs that has really memorable hooks. "Derrick is a Strange Machine" is ridiculously catchy. The lyrics are silly but a lot of fun to sing along to.

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