Saturday, May 27, 2017

Albums and Playlists I Am Currently Listening to this week



I have to admit, I have spent most of this past week listening to my '80s and random mix playlists but I have managed to squeeze in a few albums.

One of my new favorite new bands Ghost Twin dropped their new album Plastic Heart last week. I am really enjoying the album quite a bit.

Still listening to some of my favorite 2016 releases like Conjure One's Holoscenic and Kitten's Heaven or Somewhere In Between. It has been awhile since I heard a Conjure One album and liked it in its entirety. The last time that happened was with the first album. C1's albums after that has been a mixed bag for me.  Tonight I took a walk after dinner, I listened to Heaven or Somewhere in Between. People really need to check out Kitten. Kitten's music is so damn catchy.

I recently got the latest album by Enigma from the library. It isn't as bad as I once thought it was when the album first came out but I can honestly say there is nothing to write home about the album. The music is pretty dull to me. I also miss Sandra Cretu's vocals. Too bad she has retired.

Since I have been listening to the new NamNamBulu album practically every day, I decided to listen to some Frozen Plasma. While Dekadenz is my favorite Frozen Plasma album, Artificial comes in a close second. My favorite FP song "Irony" is on the album. I also love "A Second of Life", a lovely ballad. 

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