Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Album of the Week

Since I recently acquired some new music in the past few days, picking this week's Album of the Week was a bit challenging but I ended up with the soundtrack to the new Guardians of the Galaxy film which I absolutely loved. Like in the first film, the music to the sequel is a collection of classic music ranging from country to soul music. Because of my current mood after last weekend's hit and run accident, I find myself listening to the soundtrack a lot which has been able to brighten things up a bit for me. The soundtrack is so much fun to listen to and for awhile it does put a smile on my face. Never heard of "Lake Shore Drive" by Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah  (let alone the trio who is responsible for the catchy tune) but I absolutely adore the song. I love the vocals, so gentle and soulful. The melodies are super catchy. And I love the inclusion of the fiddle towards the end of the track. One can really do no wrong with the inclusion of some Fleetwood Mac, Sam Cooke, and Parliament (which is such a fun track to listen to at work). My very favorite track on the entire soundtrack has to be Cat Steven's "Father and Son". That song has always been my favorite Cat Stevens song but after seeing the film, I love it even more so especially when seeing the film. It was such a perfect song for the scene that it was featured in. The song gave the scene so much emotional depth to it. I even gotten tears in my eyes during the movie. Generally not a country music fan, but I absolutely love the Glen Campbell song "Southern Nights". It just has so much positive energy. Such a catchy little song. The entire soundtrack is great. Definitely worth owning as well as seeing the movie too.

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