Monday, May 22, 2017

The Birthday Massacre with Sumo Cyco and Army of the Universe at The Cabooze

Last night I went to The Cabooze to see The Birthday Massacre, Sumo Cyco (a Canadian band who filled in for The Ludovico Technique who had to drop out of the tour because one of the band members fell critically ill), and Army of the Universe. It had been awhile for me since I last been out to a show. Last time I went to a concert was back in March for Kite. Seeing some bands live did some good for me. I already had seen Army of the Universe before when they opened up for Skinny Puppy in 2014. I was not disappointed in seeing the band live again. They were fantastic live. It had been three years since seeing them with Skinny Puppy live. I think I enjoyed the band even more so this time around. I really wasn't sure what to think of them when I first saw Army of the Universe live.

Sumo Cyco I was completely unfamiliar with. If you have heard of New Year's Day and Butcher Babies, I would say that is how I would describe Sumo Cyco's sound. I liked what I had heard, I have included a youtube clip of one of their songs to give my readers an idea of what their music sounds like. It may be a hit or miss for some people. I had a friend who wasn't too into their set. I have saved their albums on Spotify so I can listen to their music at work this week. I will eventually post what I think of their music later down the road. Their set was energetic. I was highly entertained by what I saw and heard from the Toronto band.

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The Birthday Massacre did not disappoint me at all last night. Truthfully, last night's show was only the second time I had seen the band. The last time I saw them was at Station 4 when it was still around and that was over 3 years ago, might have been 4-5 years ago. The first time I had heard of the band was on the compilation This is Neo-Goth from Cleopatra Records with their song "Video Kid". I had never heard a band that fused new wave music with hard rock before. TBM performed quite a few new songs from their upcoming album Under Your Spell. I really liked what I had heard and certainly have plans to buy the album when it comes out. I was also pleased with the band playing older songs like "Video Kid", "Happy Birthday", "Blue", and their killer cover of "I Think I am Alone Now".

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Thank heavens I was very much prepared to get some video footage from TBM's set.

All in all it was a good night. I ended up being right in front of the stage. I actually remembered to bring my earplugs (unlike the Kite concert). Bought myself a t-shirt to support TBM, and got to hang with some good folks in the scene. Definitely have to go see TBM in concert more often when they come to town. 

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