Saturday, April 28, 2012

Florence + The Machines w/Blood Orange at The State Theatre 04.27.12

After a 2-3 month wait, I finally went to see Florence + The Machines at the State Theatre in downtown Minneapolis. The show was totally sold out. My seat was in the center section of the balcony at the very top so I was looking down at the stage. Better view than the floor seat I had at my last Tori Amos show a couple of years ago. I regret not bringing my camera but considering that everyone was standing for 90% of the show, I probably would not have gotten semi-decent photos.

Opening for Florence + The Machines is a one-man act called Blood Orange. The man behind Blood Orange is Devonte Hynes. Prior to the show, I had read that his music was categorized as "soul music". Apparently whoever labeled Devonte's music as "soul music" never listened to his music. In his short 30 minute set, Devonte managed to cram a diverse array of music from heavy metal, electronica, pop, and soul music.

You can hear more of his music on Blood Orange's Soundcloud page.
I really would have enjoyed his set even more if he just eschewed the guitars. I found the guitars distracting for my personal tastes. Otherwise I did enjoy the thirty minutes Blood Orange was on stage.

Contrary to what Jon Bream of Star Tribune has written about last night's show, I thoroughly enjoyed Florence and The Machine's hour-long set. She played all of her well known tunes including my personal favorite song "Shake It Out".

While Jon Bream thought Florence's performance was like a machine,I would have to disagree. I enjoyed watching Florence move around the stage with so much energy and ease. I love it when she twirled around with her gorgeous gown she wore. Live, Florence sounded phenomenal. Her albums really don't do Florence any justice. For most of the show, everyone was standing. I thought it was cute that Florence got the audience to jump for her hit single "Dog Days". The energy in the venue was electrifying. All the concertgoers ate up every song Florence performed with her band (including yours truly). I do wish that Florence + The Machines had expanded their short hour long set by a 2-5 songs. I was kinda surprised by how short her set was, making the $65 I paid for my ticket seem almost not worth the money. Nevertheless it was a good night. Didn't buy any merch. Too damn expensive.

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