Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My alternative line up to Rock the Garden

It's that time of year again when The Current has announced the upcoming line up for the next Rock the Garden concert. This year The Current has decided to focus on local music. Anyone who knows me well enough will probably have figured out that I am anything but impressed with the line up. Don't get me wrong. I think it is great that The Current wants to focus on local music but I can think of five bands who are better than those that are playing at the 2012 Rock the Garden which leads to tonight's blog ;).

01. The Rope

02. Pink Mink

03. Gabriel and the Apocalypse

04. Is/Is

05. Ficshe

I should note that there are a lot more local bands that I think are a lot better than the aforementioned bands on the link I posted at the top of the page (like Polica, Venus Mars and All the Pretty Horses, Static Image, The Night, Pop Incorporated, Thought Thieves, Claps, etc...etc...). I just figured that I would stick to the number 5 since that is how many acts are performing at RTG.

On City Pages' website, people often make fun of the local music scene, well more like the local hipster music scene. This year's RTG line up is proof of why that scene gets ridiculed. You can catch most of those bands perform any given night of the week in downtown Minneapolis for a lot less than $50. It's just sad that people are getting ripped off for a line up they can see for a lot cheaper on the weekends or weeknights.

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