Monday, April 30, 2012

Goth Prom 2012

This is taken from Goth Prom Mpls status update:

Where does the time go? One week to go before Goth Prom Apocalypse, and everything is coming together nicely. Now is the perfect time to share the evenings schedule so that no one will miss the good stuff.

At 9:00 pm doors open. You are invited to play a dart game fundraiser set up in the bar to raise money for the Aliveness project, which provides help for those living with AIDS. Our sponsors have provided many excellent goods for us to offer as prizes, so bone up on your darts skills. $2.00 per try. Everyone who plays, wins something!

At 10 pm, Opening Ceremony. This is very exciting because it has never been done before, and it will add a layer of theater and drama to an already awesome event. The Saloon staff have expanded the footprint of the bar for us to accommodate our ever- expanding community. We will be enacting a sacrifice in the area behind the Saloon and in the Fire Bar. There will be fire and drums by the Fire Collective, art installation by David Bryan, Jarrin
Jambik, and others, live snake handling by Ahme and an awesome multifaceted performance by Zyra and A-Frame of The Stomping Ground

Rope suspension demos will take place on the Main Room Shower Stage after 10:30.

Our much beloved Hard Mondays Host Djs Nitrogen and Noise have the music well in hand and we are very excited to have END the Dj as our guest for the evening.

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