Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mari Chrome

Over the weekend while listening to the latest Alfa Matrix compilation that came with my copy of Letting Go by Stray, I came across the track "Toxic" by the electropop group Mari Chrome. I found myself hitting the back button on my remote control to my boombox quite a few times. Then I came across 44 second audio previews of the group's album Georgy.

I would also recommend checking out their Myspace page. The clips are more than a minute long.  I am so addicted to their music.  I really like Marion's vocals. She reminds me of a few of my favorite singers like Jai of Sensuous Enemy, Eleni Alice Foss of Kirlian Camera/Spectra Paris, and Yaz of Javelynn/Ashbury Heights. If you love music with strong, powerful female vocals, I definitely recommend Mari Chrome.

Mari Chrome FB page 

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