Saturday, April 21, 2012

Record Store Day 2012

I had a very productive morning at the Electric Fetus. I got to the store around 8:30am, which is early for me. Had a scone and cup of coffee while in line. Line outside the Fetus was quite long. I was hoping to win something from the drawing but didn't. That's alright. I found some new music which was good enough for me. I ended up buying the new Is/Is album III, King by Belly, Requiem for the Indifferent by Epica, a compilation called Sound of the Underground which features tracks by Shakespeare's Sister, Echo & The Bunnymen, New Order, and The Psychedelic Furs, and Timewave: Zero by Grendel.

I wasn't really expecting to find the new Grendel album but I couldn't help it but get it. I'll just sell the copy I pre-ordered via Metropolis Records on Ebay when I get it. I am listening to the album. It is fantastic. If people liked Harsh Generation, I think they will like the new album. I was originally going to get the latest Eisbrecher album but when I saw the Grendel album screaming at me in the cd rack, that was a no brainer ;). I did have the opportunity to check out the RSD items up for sale but I was at #163 and I did not feel like waiting for another 30-45 minutes. I was getting a bit tired and hungry to be honest.  Oh and outside I tried one of the dogs from Natedogs with the honey mustard. Best damn dog and mustard I have ever eaten. Since the Fetus wasn't equipped for outdoor eating, I hiked over to the park across the street from Minneapolis Institute of Arts for an improtu picnic with a squirrel. LOL! I think I understand why some hot dog afficienados frowns on ketchup on hot dogs. I did not miss ketchup on the hotdog. The honey mustard was the right condiment to go along with the tasty tube steak. Oh and as someone who is not a mustard fan (unless it is dijon or has honey in it), the honey mustard was the best I have ever eaten and I have never said that about a mustard. The hotdog was quite delicious too. All in all, it was a good Record Store Day for me.

Update: Love the new Is/Is album III. So far this is my favorite local album of 2012. I wish I could honestly say I LOVE the new Epica album but I can't. It's okay but it isn't great. Of course gotta love Belly's second and final album.What a grossly underrated band Belly was in the '90s. The Sound of the Underground compilation is great too.

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