Thursday, April 12, 2012

Record Store Day at The Electric Fetus

Well as some in the local music scene would know, a week from this Saturday is Record Store Day. If you don't know what Record Store Day is, it is a day to honor and celebrate the culture of independent record stores across the country. That is if you are fortunate to have a indie record store in your neck of the woods like I am here in Minneapolis. Every record store has their own special sales that will feature rare and unique albums that customers can buy on April 21. As a huge fan of Electric Fetus, I thought I would post the link to the Minneapolis Electric Fetus store's Record Store Day events. One year, I won a drawing and ended up with free pair of tickets to Franz Ferdinand at First Avenue. I have to admit, I should have gone with the Zune (but can't dwell on the past).  Here is a link to other local record store day events. I hope people will go hit some record stores on 4/21. We should be grateful that we have independent record stores in the Twin Cities. I know some people who don't and don't even realize that they still exist.

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