Monday, April 1, 2013

Absolute Grrrls Manifesto disc 3

Tonight I am going to discuss my favorite disc in the Absolute Grrrls Manifesto compilation. I can listen to disc three from start to finish and not cringe or skip a single song. The general sound on disc three is completely in the electropop/synthpop vein. All of the songs on this particular disc stood out with me because the music was memorable whether it was the beats, melodies, or the vocals.

Wish I could find the remix to this track I found on youtube but it will give you an idea just how fantastic the song is with its crisp synth beats and polished vocals.

The Out of The World remix on disc 3 features all female vocals by Benedikte W.

Another killer track is Psy'Aviah's "On My Own". This clip I have posted here is the original version as opposed to the forlorn edit on the compilation. Both versions are fantastic.

No matter how many times I have listened to this awesome track by Mari Chrome (my favorite new band from 2012), I still love this song.

This song is so damn catchy. Really, really love the vocals by Marion Kuchenmeister. She could sing the phone book for all I care and I would still buy it to hear her sing. lol

I am so glad one of my favorite songs from 2012 "Deep Waters" by Grendel was included on this compilation. Just love the vocals and beats. I know some people don't like this track or the album it is on but I adore it so there ;).

If I was to recommend to anyone which disc to download (legally of course) in case they don't want the whole compilation or buy it in the CD format, I would go with disc 3 first. The songs are very club-friendly and will make you want to get up and dance. Definitely something you want to blast out of the stereo when you have friends over.

Track List:
01. Essence of Mind feat. Benedikte W. - Aldri Mer (Out of This World mix)
02. Pys'Aviah - On My Own (Forlorn edit)
03. Marsheaux - Breakthrough
04. Noblesse Oblige - The Great Electrifier (club mix)
05. The Devices - The Bridges
06. I:Scintilla - Skintight
07. Elastic Society feat. Miss Mykela - Like I Never Did
08. Datasushi - Hide Myself From You
09. Concise - Voyageur
10. The Azoic - Lost Soul
11. Marai Chrome - Toxic
12. Kant Kino feat. Hanne Haugsand - My Sweetest Crime (grrrls edit)
13. Grendel - Deep Waters
14. Isis Signum feat. Sara Noxx - Heat Moving (The Synthetic dream Foundation)
15. Soman - Skin Deep
16. Dimension Flux - Sex Noise
17. Uberbyte - We Like the Bass

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