Friday, April 19, 2013

New releases

This week has been a great week to get news on some upcoming releases.

On July 9th, both Funker Vogt and Front Line Assembly will be releasing new albums Companion in Crime and Echogenetic. Both albums are available for pre-order now. In the meantime Metropolis Records has a slew of new releases that you can buy/pre-order on their website.

From Alfa Matrix records, you can pre-order the new albums by Ayria, Helalyn Flowers, Implant, and Pouppee Fabrikk. You can also pre-order their music off the label's bandcamp page too.

On Out of Line, the Italian cult group Kirlian Camera is releasing their new album Black Summer Choirs on May 17th. I chose just the box set. Holy crap was that expensive. So glad I didn't get the fan bundle. That would have really cost me an arm, leg, and a kidney. Also on May 17th is the new single Trial and Error by Solitary Experiments. Lest I forget...Cretinism by Forgotten Sunrise and Electrostorm Volume 6 both out on May 17th.

On a smaller scale, one of my new favorite synthpop acts Zynic has a new album coming out in May called Blindsided. Check out the video trailer for it on the link I just posted. Sounds awesome.

Tonight I was perusing Storming the Base's website and saw that Noblesse Oblige is releasing their next album Affair of the Heart in June, or at least it will be available in June on Storming the Base's website. I am so getting it. I just absolutely adore their new song "Runaway". One of the best songs of 2013 I have heard so far. The female/male vocals just kicks so much ass. I definitely will be listing Noblesse Oblige as one of my favorite new finds of 2013 by the year's end without a shadow of a doubt.

To see what else is happening at Storming the Base when it comes to new releases, just click on this link.

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