Monday, April 15, 2013

Record Store Day 2013

Today while at work I was just thinking about how excited that Saturday is the fifth annual Record Store Day, my favorite holiday. So for those in the Twin Cities, tonight's blog entry will feature links to record stores that will be celebrating this day so you know which store to hit ;). I myself will be going to the Fetus ;). I am going to try to hit Treehouse too. Heavy emphasis on the word TRY. LOL

Electric Fetus Record Store Day 2013

Hymie's Records Record Store Day Block Party

Treehouse Records Record Store Day

Eclipse Records Record Store Day

Down in the Valley Record Store Day

And stores like Fifth Element and Cheapo Discs will be participating in Saturday's events.

I am aiming to spend a few bucks on Saturday. I don't plan on getting in line for the opportunity to get some overpriced limited edition vinyl. Like I have a record player to begin with. I definitely want to score some new music especially Io Echo's Ministry of Love album, and possibly the new albums by Sarah Brightman, or Dido albums. I'll see what I can scrounge up on Saturday. I hope those who are fortunate to live near an independent record store or two will go out and show their support on Saturday.

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