Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Upcoming releases I am looking forward to hearing

Today I came across the new Juno Reactor song "Final Frontier" on youtube today. I was totally blown away by what I had heard.

This song convinced me to pre-order the new Juno Reactor album The Golden Sun of the Great East.

A few days ago, I pre-ordered the 2 CD box set of the new Helalyn Flowers' album White Me In Black Me Out directly through their website where you can get a copy signed by the band. Of course I had to get a signed copy :P. Judging by the clips I have heard, the album sounds kick ass.

Daft Punk: Random Access Memories
I have been a longtime fan of Daft Punk so I am so happy they are putting out a new studio album. I definitely need to get it next month.

A week or two ago I had pre-ordered the new Ayria album Plastic Makes Perfect from her online store. This is one of the most highly anticipated albums for me. I have been hungry for more Ayria music since her last album Hearts for Bullets.

This is not many but all these albums are going to be released in the coming weeks. There are a lot more releases that are being released at the same time but these are the releases that I am most excited about at the moment.

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