Thursday, June 27, 2013

Albums I am currently listening to

Buddha Bar IV

Of all the Buddha Bar compilations I have heard over the years the fourth (and fifth) is my personal favorite. With all due respect to Ravin, I always preferred David Visan's taste in songs for the albums he mixed. David's choice in songs on Buddha Bar IV (and V) struck a bigger chord with me. Buddha Bar IV was what opened the door for me to downtempo/chill out music as well as world music too.

Noblesse Oblige: Affair of the Heart

Finally got my copy of Affair of the Heart today. It was definitely worth the wait to hear it. I most certainly recommend checking the album out.

Assemblage 23: Bruise

I was listening to Bruise for the first time in many months. I forgot how good this album was and still is. A very catchy album.

Io Echo: Ministry of Love

I really wanted to go see this band the other night but the timing was just not right for me (thank you WORK!!!). Anyways I popped in this cd into my computer at work and found myself jamming to the album for under an hour.

This is Neo-Goth

This is one of those albums where I had sold it years ago and recently bought it again (just like Buddha Bar IV and V. This is the compilation that introduced me to the sounds of L'ame Immortelle and The Birthday Massacre.

Suicide Commando: When Evil Speaks

Really digging the second disc of remixes on the new Suicide Commando album. I rarely like bonus remix discs but in this case, this one really rocks in my opinion.

Wolfsheim: Casting Shadows

I have been in a Wolfsheim mood lately but no longer had any of their music. Recently won a copy of Casting Shadows off ebay. Definitely missed listening to their music. Will have to buy more of their music in the future.

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