Monday, June 17, 2013

My current favorite albums

This weekend was very good for my portable stereo. Just got some new music from a couple of record stores as well as the library. Tonight's blog might resemble a lot like last night's blog entry. The difference is that I am going to actually discuss about the music that I have acquired ;).

Buddha Bar V by David Visan

Long before I got into the dark electro scene over a decade ago, I was really into downtempo/chillout/trip hop music. What got me into chillout music (as well as expose me to world music) was the Buddha Bar compilations. This weekend I found a copy of Buddha Bar V by David Visan. That was one of my favorite compilations in the series, with the fourth volume being my personal favorite. It goes without saying this album came home with me along with the new Tristania. I always loved the albums that David Visan mixed. I felt his vision really captured the essence of the long-running series. There are two discs in the Buddha Bar series. The first disc the music is more laid back and the second disc the music picks up the beat, more club-orientated. The fourth and fifth volumes in the series are the only albums where I liked both discs. The latter discs I tend to favor the first disc over the second disc. I definitely recommend checking out the first five volumes of Buddha Bar compilations. They are something special I think.

Tristania: Darkest White

I'll be bloody honest...this is my first Tristania album. Up until the last few months, I never really gave the much thought. That was until I heard one of their songs on Absolute Grrrls Manifesto compilation, and found myself really enjoying the song. Last week I streamed their new album Darkest White and found myself enjoying the music and wanting to get the album. This past weekend I picked up the new album from The Electric Fetus. For a newbie, I am really loving Darkest White a lot. The songs are very melodic and yet aggressive. My personal favorite song off the album is "Requiem". I keep listening to that song over and over again.

Snog: Babes in Consumerland

Just like the Tristania album, this is my first Snog album. I had heard a couple of songs on youtube off the new album and really dug what I had heard. When I went to Cheapo to look for the new Tristania album, I got lucky and found the Snog album instead. Overall it is a really good album but I did not like the song "The New Cocksucker Blues" both lyrically and musically. That song just gets on my very last nerve but otherwise a very good album.

KMFDM: Kunst

Truth be told, I haven't liked a single KMFDM album since Hau Ruck. Their last few albums have left me bored to tears but along comes Kunst which gave me a swift kick in the butt. I actually liked every single song on the album. I really dug the tongue in cheek self-titled track. That is just a fun track to listen to as loudly as possible. I can see this album ending up on my end of the year best of list for sure.

Chicane: The Best of Chicane: 1996-2008

Got this album from the library along with the KMFDM album over the weekend. I really forgot how much I like Chicane's music. Very relaxing music to listen to.

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