Friday, June 7, 2013

My favorite local bands

So last night I went out to 7th Street Entry to see some local bands (Geodesique with KPT, Dichotomy, Hydrah and DJ SLT who dj'ed some music inbetween sets). It was a good night and it inspired tonight's blog entry...a list of my favorite local bands (regardless of genre of music).

Hydrah was the highlight of last night's show at 7th Street Entry for me. Holy crap! My ears melted from her awesome set. I haven't been this enamoured with this type of dance music in years. You can hear her music on her ReverbNation page. Also here is a video from her on youtube that I found not long ago.

KPT is another excellent artist who puts out some killer electronica music. Last night was my second time seeing him live (first time was in January for the 7th annual TC Electropunk record release party) so I was excited to see Josh perform live again. I was really impressed at the TC Electropunk show and once again I was impressed with last night's set he put on.

Geodesique has really impressed me lately with the new direction they have take in the past several months. Getting Lala Fairshadow on board as vocalist has helped the band evolved with a more cohesive sound.

Promidal is a relatively new aggrotech act from the Twin Cities. I have to admit I am a bit biased on this one because I am good friends with the lead singer. That said I think their music is kickass. Last year they put out their first EP called Dead Nation. Check it out.
Dead Nation by Promidal

Gospel Gossip is another new favorite (local) band of mine. As a fan of bands like My Bloody Valentine, Lush, and Slowdive, it was obvious that I would love this band.
Gospel Gossip by Gospel Gossip

Here are links to other local bands that I adore that I think people should check out:


Wiping Out Thousands



Thought Thieves


Force Majeure by Audiocentesis

Pop Inc.


Kradis by DJ SLT

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