Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Some food for thought

So this week I have been reading online some interesting articles and/or conversation. A lot of it involved non-stop bitching and moaning about music so here is my personal response.

1). Regarding Low's performance at last weekend's Rock the Garden, RTG is not like KDWB's Jingle Ball or any of the events they put together. The festival was thrown by the Walker Art Center and The Current. Expect music that is unpredictable kinda in the vein of the art that the Walker shows. Secondly, Low is not exactly your typical rock band. Their music is a love it/hate it sort of thing. Personally, I am not a fan of their music. While I am not a fan, the band should be allowed to perform their music as they want to but I guess you can't please everyone. At least what Low did by performing just one song for 27 minutes is riskier than what  most musical acts do nowadays. So kudos to Low for performing an extended version of "Do You Know How to Waltz?".
This footage isn't from the concert itself but it should give you an idea about the song.

2). The other night I came across a conversation (which I didn't participate in) where the individual who started the conversation questioned the importance of the singing talent shows on tv like The Voice and American Idol nowadays. Of course I saw the standard comments about how these shows are ruining music nowadays by showcasing these artists who just seems to be mere products ready to be molded and shaped by and for the major record labels. While the criticism towards these shows are valid, the conversation got me thinking to why don't people not in the time and energy in trying to find new music instead of whining about the lack of good music? Anyone who knows me personally knows damn well the time, money, and energy I invest in finding good, interesting music. A few years ago Myspace was my place to go to for finding new music but that site has lost its charm and was replaced by youtube. Go to Pandora if you must. Start reading music blogs created by music fans like myself. Do what you need to do but complaining about the music scene and the so-called "lack of good music" is really old and dull. I'll even give you a few suggestions too ;).

Noblesse Oblige

Future Perfect

Moonlight Cove

Sensuous Enemy

The Break Up

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