Friday, September 26, 2014

10 of My Favorite Things in Music

My 10 Current Favorite Albums:
01. Phantogram: Nightlife
02. White Sea: In Cold Blood
03. Keluar: Keluar
04. Mirabilis: Here and the Hereafter
05. Lissie: Back to Forever
06. Black Label Society: Unblackened
07. Dead Can Dance: Spleen and Ideal
08. Dessa: Parts of Speech
09. Social Distortion: Social Distortion
10. The Luna Sequence: Fearful Shepherds Hunt Their Sheep

My Top 10 Cassette Memories (inspired by Cassette Store Day which is happening tomorrow)
01. Buying a my first cassette tape which had the parental advisory sticker on it which was L7's Bricks Are Heavy.
02. Playing Bricks Are Heavy so many times until I could not see the track list on the cassette tape. lol
03. Going ordering cassettes from Columbia House Records or BMG long before That was always fun.
04. Getting the cassettes in the mail. I loved seeing that square box in my mail box in college. That always brightened up my day.
05. Playing Social Distortion's self-titled album and Siouxsie and The Banshee's Twice Upon a Time compilation to a point where I would often have to take a pencil and rewound the tape back into the cassette. I blame that on the shitty boombox I owned at the time.
06. I am not 100% sure but I think the first cassette I ever bought was Culture Club's Colour By Numbers. I was so obsessed with that album as a 9 year old.
07. Listening to my cassettes on an old red Panasonic cassette player. It looked exactly like this cassette player.
08. Making mix tapes. Still enjoy making them too to this very day. What I didn't like was sitting on my ass all day waiting for a particular song to come on the airwaves. That was a big fat pain in the ass.
09. Buying my first boombox with my birthday money so I could listen to my music . It looked liked this boombox but red. I thought I was so cool. lol
10. Selling my cassettes. I sold most of my cassettes a long time ago when I first moved back to the Twin Cities. I kinda wish I didn't. I miss my Phantom Blue tapes but at least I have my copy of Mothers Heaven by the band Texas.

10 Current Favorite Songs
01. Listen Like Strangers by Army On The Dance Floor
02. 16 Voices by Phantogram
03. I Bet On You by Lissie
04. Queen Of Sorrow (Acoustic) by Black Label Society
05. Elysium by Lisa Gerrard
06. Ball and Chain by Social Distortion
07. Storytime by Nightwish
08. Just Like Heaven by Lovelorn Dolls
09. NYC Loves You by White Sea
10. Keep It Healthy by Warpaint

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